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10 Best Dreamy Nursery Wallpaper Designs

10 Best Dreamy Nursery Wallpaper Designs

Here are some classic, contemporary, and downright fun nursery wallpaper designs ideas to inspire you as you build the perfect room for your bundle of joy. 

1. Vintage-Inspired Animal Nursery Wallpaper Designs

The wonder of a bygone era comes to life in these cheerful and funky walls from Etsy. A baby’s room lends itself to the softness, colors, and fun of this cheeky vintage nursery wallpaper print replete with hot air balloons, old-school planes, and a generally timeless sense of joy.

2. Nursery Wallpaper for Your Son-Shine

This is such precious, nature-inspired nursery wallpaper for Baby Boy’s first room. There’s a whole world encapsulated in the art, and he can reimagine its story time and time again as he grows up.

3. Cheerful + Celestial Nursery Wallpaper

Subtle nursery wallpaper is the key to keeping Baby’s room simple and sweet. A gender-neutral pick like these smiling moons and stars would be absolutely darling for any nursery design.

4. Tiny Dancer Nursery Wallpaper

This striking girls’ nursery room wallpaper is a totally chic choice for Baby. Stark black is a bold choice, but the sketched ballerinas dancing above your little one’s head add a feminine touch.

5. Rainbow Nursery Wallpaper

The whimsy and hope of rainbows always have a special place in a baby’s room. And this cute rainbow nursery wallpaper design is both gender-neutral and extra sweet for the modern nursery. 

6. Bird + Vine Nursery Wallpaper

Jungle or baby’s bedroom? These creeping vines and nesting birds make for a lush nursery theme. We love how it’s paired with an equally bold frond-printed rug, but sleek, minimalist furniture.

7. Olive Branch Nursery Wallpaper

An olive branch is a nice peace offering…as well as an incredibly pretty nursery bedroom wallpaper that can grow with your child.

8. Animal Friends Nursery Wallpaper

Bring the sweetness of the animal kingdom into your little one’s nursery with peel-and-stick wallpaper that’s easy to apply and will adapt flawlessly into a toddler’s space in time.

9. Minimalist Nursery Wallpaper

Boho baby vibes coming in strong! How gorgeous is this black-and-white nursery wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper? It’s the perfect gender-neutral solution for any nursery wallpaper designs, and can be built upon with your choice of colorful, or neutral, furniture and decor.

10. Subtle Woodland Creatures Nursery Wallpaper design

10 Best Dreamy Nursery Wallpaper Designs

The flora and fauna of the natural world make for an ethereal and soothing nursery theme. This subtle wallpaper for babies comes in four color palettes to best fit your aesthetic for the room.

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