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17 Kitchen Ideas You’ll Want Decorate

12 Kitchen Ideas

We’ve gathered our top kitchen ideas, from big to small and simple to over-the-top to help inspire your kitchen design.

The kitchen is oftentimes the heart of the home. It’s where you and your family fuel up for the day, make memories during the holidays, entertain friends and family, and celebrate life’s big moments during get-togethers.

1. Nautical Design

Nautical Design
Nautical Design

The island itself blends with the nautical theme with its blue-and-white color palette— the colors you typically see in beach-inspired designs.

2. Sleek Wood Bar Top

Sleek Wood Bar Top kitchen
Sleek Wood Bar Top

A wood bar top separates the seating area from the food prep area on this sleek kitchen island. The earthy tones bring a neutral contemporary look to the kitchen.

3. Little Black Island Kitchen

Little Black Island
Little Black Island

All the sleek black details in this kitchen, from the pantry door to the bottom cabinetry and kitchen island, are instantly warmed up with the wooden countertop on the kitchen island.

4. Repurposed Furniture

Repurposed Furniture
Repurposed Furniture

If you need that extra countertop space in your kitchen but don’t have the budget for one, don’t forget to look for old furniture pieces online or at garage sales. Even the most simple furniture pieces can be repurposed into an island for the kitchen.

5. Two Islands Is Better Than One

Two Islands Is Better Than One
Two Islands Is Better Than One

This kitchen designed by Dan Rak features two wooden kitchen islands with marble countertops— both serve as a place to prep food while one also includes seating for breakfast or a coffee break.

6. Fluted in Teal

Fluted in Teal Kitchen
Fluted in Teal

This tiny but mighty kitchen island is the star of the kitchen with its teal green fluted base and matching countertop. The dark, moody color works well in this kitchen because it features large windows that allow plenty of natural light in.

7. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Kitchen
Pretty in Pink

Here, House of Harvee dressed the front side of her kitchen island in pink marble tile for a one-of-a-kind look that’s whimsical and bright.

8. Calming Blue Hues

Calming Blue Hues Kitchen
Calming Blue Hues

An island in a home bar provides a spot to enjoy a Champagne brunch or a delicious breakfast. The curves of this soft blue fluted island are carried through to the arched brass and rattan wall shelving for a coordinated look.

9. A Place for Preparing and Cooking Food

A Place for Preparing and Cooking Food
A Place for Preparing and Cooking Food

The gray finish on the oversized island contrasts elegantly with the light oak cabinetry. The island features six gas burners, a griddle, and plenty of seating, so the whole family can help with dinner.

10. Wood Slat Kitchen Island

Wood Slat Kitchen Island Kithcen
Wood Slat Kitchen Island

This minimalistic kitchen island, made with natural oak wood slats and a round marble countertop is a distinctive and functional piece while keeping with the simple and sleek design of the rest of the kitchens.

11. Table for Five Kitchen

Table for Five Kitchen
Table for Five

You can easily get the whole family involved with cooking dinner by creating small stations for food prep along the large prep space this island provides. A great way to bond on family night!

12. Patterned Tile Design

Patterned Tile Design Kitchen
Patterned Tile Design

This kitchens design by Blue Copper Design features an ornate tile pattern on the kitchens island that takes center stage. The understated wine cork style stools add a captivating element without taking too much away from the patterned island.

13. A Show-Stopping Island

A Show-Stopping Island
A Show-Stopping Island

The rich, dark wood base creates a beautiful contrast with the white quartz countertop, while the shelving is the perfect spot to store cookbooks for future meals.

14. Breakfast for Two

Breakfast for Two
Breakfast for Two

In this designed by Christina Kim, the simple, blue island adds character and a spot for a meal for two. The additional brass lighting fixtures illuminate the island when in use.

15. A Spot for the Whole Family

A Spot for the Whole Family Kitchen
A Spot for the Whole Family

This oversized white oak kitchens island is the centerpiece of an open home layout because it works cohesively with the merged rooms. Its large size seats six people and still has plenty of room on the other side.

16. Cool Blue Coastal Vibes

Cool Blue Coastal Vibes
Cool Blue Coastal Vibes

In this coastal-inspired kitchens, the island blends in seamlessly with its light blue color that perfectly matches the light blue tile backsplash while also highlighting the white quartz countertop and rattan bar stools.

17. Embellished Island

Embellished Island
Embellished Island

Here, Blue Copper Design added decorative accent tiles to one side of this blue kitchen island which adds just the right amount of color and visual appeal throughout the entire home.

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