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6 Best Stylish Nursery Bookshelves


These nursery bookshelves come in! Not only do nursery bookcases offer a much-needed nursery storage solution, but they can also be an integral part of your nursery decor! From floating shelves to thematic nursery bookcases, here are some of our favorite nursery bookshelves.

1. Stylish Nursery Bookrack

A not-too-cutesy, grown-up looking bookcase is a gorgeous choice for the nursery, and it has longevity. We love this style with the bars across the front to hold books in place and make clean-up a breeze for busy parents.

2. Tree Nursery Bookcase

Nursery Bookshelves

It’s pretty much impossible to not “ooh” and “aah” when you behold this absolutely darling nursery bookcase from Fawn and Forest. Perfect for a nature-themed nursery, the majestic tree shape gives parents endless ways to creatively store your books in its branches.

3. Floating Nursery Bookshelves

Floating bookshelves like these can be a beautiful way to showcase books (or art) in any room of the house, but they’re especially adorable in a baby’s room. There are so many options for hanging bookshelves for the nursery from acrylic to metal to wood; you can even get crafty and make your own from scratch with a little help from Pinterest or YouTube. This hand-crafted set from Etsy is picture-perfect for the baby nursery.

4. Create a Nursery Book Cart

Our favorite sweet, versatile IKEA utility carts are great for nursery storage in general; we’ve seen them used as diaper stations, room-to-room toy carting, and later, as art carts for big kids. Consider stacking Baby’s books in style with one of these affordable, multi-use carts.

5. Nursery Bookcase & Dresser Combo

Nursery Bookshelves

Being a parent is all about multi-tasking…so why not knock out form and function with your baby nursery bookshelves. Store allllll the things with style and ease in a highly functional, sturdy cabinet system featuring doors, drawers, and more. Over time the ratio of books to clothes or toys can shift fluidly as Baby grows into a little kid, a big kid, and then a teen. This is one of those investment pieces for the nursery that is absolutely worth it, for all the ways it will continue to accommodate your child as he or she grows.

6. Elephant Baby Room Bookshelf

Nursery Bookshelves

Swoon-worthy animal-shaped book casing is a pretty sweet nursery for a baby room (especially if you’re sprucing up a safari-themed nursery!). This elephant baby room bookcase looks absolutely precious and holds a ton.

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