How to Find Best Carpets for Little Baby’s Room

When it comes to selecting the best floor covering for your baby’s nursery, carpet is a top choice for several reasons. One of the most important is its softness, which provides cushioning for your baby’s developing knees as they begin to crawl and helps break falls as they grow into toddlers. Additionally, carpet has been shown to improve indoor air quality by trapping dust and allergens, making it easier for both you and your baby to breathe.

If your nursery features hardwood or other hard-surface flooring, consider adding a broadloom area rug to cover most of the floor. This will provide the same benefits of softness and improved indoor air quality as carpeting the entire room.

When it comes to selecting the ideal carpet for your baby’s nursery, it’s important to consider the key features that a nursery carpet should possess. So, the question is, what are the key features that make a carpet suitable for a baby’s room?


Carpet’s softness is one of its key benefits compared to other flooring options. Although all carpet is soft to some degree, some types are softer than others. Recently, there has been a growing trend towards using softer fibers in carpet production, providing a wide range of options in all carpet styles. To purchase a particularly soft-fiber carpet, speak to your carpet retailer.


Many building materials used in homes contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are chemicals that are emitted as gases. These gases can end up in the air you breathe, which can be concerning, especially when a new baby is sleeping in the same room.

To minimize exposure to VOCs, opt for a carpet that has a low VOC content. Carpets made from natural materials usually have fewer VOCs than those made from synthetic fibers. Additionally, it’s best to install the carpet before the baby comes or before the baby starts sleeping in the room. For the first couple of days after installation, keep the room’s door closed and the window open to allow the carpet to off-gas.

Check Clean-ability

It’s a given that babies can be messy, which can lead to concerns about stains on the carpet from spilled bottles, diaper accidents, and creative uses of diaper cream. For this reason, a stain-resistant carpet is essential for a nursery. It’s important to check on the warranty for soiling resistance as well, as these warranties are separate from those for staining, and the level of protection can vary.


While durability may not be as important in a bedroom as it is for areas of the home with heavy foot traffic like stairs or family room, it is still important to choose a carpet that will maintain its appearance for a long time. Carpet is an investment, so it is essential to select one that will provide high performance and longevity.

Select On Your Personal Choice

When considering all the above-mentioned traits, what is the best carpet for a baby’s room? Many carpets meet all the criteria, so it is recommended to explore various options to find the perfect one.

One option to consider is the Mohawk SmartStrand collection, as it is soft, durable and comes with a lifetime warranty for stain and soil resistance. Additionally, it is made with naturally-derived ethanol instead of petroleum which results in lower VOC levels compared to traditional synthetic carpets.

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