How to decorate: Dressed Up Bedroom

I want to decorate my teen room more fun and enjoyable but I don’t have idea how to decorate bedroom.

So I started research how to decorate fun room and selected some items wallpapers bed and ideas then to putting together, Now I’m able to decorate myself.

Quick Look of items

  • White Lamp
  • Yellow & White Printed Pellow
  • Bed
  • Book Salves
  • Printed Window Curtains
  • Sofa.

How to Decorate Dressed Up Room

Now read the steps and details of dressed up fun room decoration. with this idea you can easily find the idea what make’s your room look good.

Dressed Up Fun Room


According to the White color represents purity or innocence. You seen in this picture a whole room is painted with white paint color. This color makes room brighter and premium look. So if you want bright room then paint with white paint color.

Dressed Up Fun Room


As you can see in the image we paint the window with the same color that we did in our room, so that the window looks the same. Don’t make your window full of things, the lighter it is, the better.

Info: According to Wikipedia Window is first recorded in the early 13th century, and originally referred to an unglazed hole in a roof.

Dressed Up Fun Room

Bed Place

We have kept the bed in front of the window so that instead of the window, we can use it for other things. It also has the advantage that we will get both air and light directly from the window. You can also set the bed according to your window by using this tip.

Dressed Up Fun Room


We used pink sheets and white pillows above the sofa. We have kept the sofa near the window so that whenever we can sit on it, relax and enjoy the cool breeze, we can also read together. You can also keep your sofa near the window.

Dressed Up Fun Room

Book Salve

To see the books better and sometimes read in your room, you can put the book salve on the back side of your window, which makes your room very nice.

Dressed Up Fun Room


As we have painted the room white, that’s why we use white lamp for Bed, which looks very beautiful when combined with the color of our room.

Dressed Up Fun Room


For privacy, we have used light flower printed curtains for the window, giving a nice look to our room. With which we can cover the window at night or even during the day.

Dressed Up Fun Room


We have used yellow pillows on the bed along with a bed sheet which completes the decor of our white Dressed Up room.


Which color is for dressed up room

White, The white color is perfectly fit when you’re decorating for teen.

What is the perfect Size of Furniture for bedroom

Decorating bedroom yourself so Don’t choose a heavy, large bed and dresser for a small bedroom. First you need to measure the area of room and then select the furniture you need according to the area.

How to decorate a small bedroom

Decorating small bedroom is very difficult, but here we have share some ideas to decorate small bedrooms furniture idea and more.

How to decorate room with simple things

You can decorate room with simple things like a bed or a small sofa, book salves or a lamp then putt these things right and your small room is ready.

Hope you get the full decoration idea if you have any so drop the comment below and share your decoration experience with us.

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