Flexibility & Recovery 5 Minute Full Body Cool Down Stretches

In this article we have given the best 5 minute full body cool down stretches. Here you can just do this stretching workout by seeing the video or reading how to do it step-by-step.

5 Minute Full Body Cool Down Stretches

It heals your body, regulates your bodily systems, and helps you get back to the normal pace of your daily life with flexibility.

Give yourself enough energy to complete your cool down without pushing yourself. And never bounce or force under any circumstances.

If you’re not feeling particularly energized or energetic on a given day, you can vary the portion of your workout and focus more on these cooling, relaxing exercises to benefit your mind and body.

Arms Swing

Swinging our arms up and down just loosening up the arms, stretching out that back and opening up those shoulders. That’s one reps, do it for 30 seconds.

Shoulder Stretch

Bring one arm across and press that shoulder down. We’re going to stretch out our shoulders. Really try to press those shoulder blades down the back. This can also stretch out your neck Here in this position, give your arms a couple swings and bring your other arm across. Do it for 30 seconds on each arm.

Chest Opener

We’re going to open up that chest, so clasp those fingertips behind the head, open those elbows, open the chest gaze up to the ceiling, hold it here for a few seconds, and then release and contract inward, open it up and contract in. Do this 30 Second


Back to center hands come down to the mat, step it out into a plank, lower yourself down so your hips are pressed into the mat. You’re going to hold a cobra position here, press those shoulder blades down and drive those hips down into the floor. Do this 30 Second

Child Pose

Back knees are open, fingertips are reaching for the top of your mat, forehead is down on the mat, and you’re taking a few deep breaths. Do this 30 Second.

Side to side Stretch

Bring your left hand over top of your right, stretching out that left side. good moving through the center and the other side. (do this 10 Second Each Side)

Long Lunge

Step your right leg through here into a lunge. Knee is down and you’re pressing that hip forward, sinking deep into this lunge. Good hands down on the mat. Step that right leg back. Left leg comes through. We’re gonna do the other side. Right hip is driving down into the floor, pressing the right hip forward. Do this 30 Second Each Side.

Seated Twist

Seated Twist

Sitting on your bum, you’re going to bring your right leg over top of your left, driving that right hip down into the floor, pulling that knee to your chest. Do this 30 Second each side.


Why Cool Down Stretch is Important?

Cool Down Stretch is Important To relieve fatigue and always energize or even cooling, relaxing your mind and body.

What exercises cool you down?

Here are some of cool-down exercises:

  1. Arms Swing
  2. Shoulder Stretch
  3. Chest Opener
  4. Cobra
  5. Child Pose
  6. Side to side Stretch
  7. Long Lunge
  8. Seated twist

I hope you enjoying this little 5 minute cool down you can use this after every single workout if you enjoyed this one leave me your feedback in the comments down below.

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