18 Fun Room Ideas for Teens With How To

In this article we will share fun room ideas for teens. Here you can read and see pictures of how to decorate a teenager’s room.

Check out these 16 bedrooms from a range of interior designers that are thoughtfully decorated to help teens study, relax, entertain, sleep, and be alone with their thoughts in comfort and style.

Pink and Blue Fun Room


Pink and Blue Bedroom

This teen room is light and bright. It has a mix of indigo and pink. A curvy sofa under the window provides a dedicated space to relax and hang out, leaving the bed to sleep.

Come Sail Away Fun Room


Come Sail Away Bedroom

A four-poster bed, vintage trunk, and classic fireplace give the room a grown-up feel that is playful enough for a growing teen.

Bunk Beds


Bunk Beds

In this teen room from Chango & Co., bunk beds are dressed in a feel-good palette of salmon pink and green, while patterned wallpaper, a hanging chair, and an eclectic gallery wall add a sense of fun.

Cool Toned bedroom


Cool Toned Bedroom

Cool tones, graphic touches, and layered textiles create a stylish modern teen room from interior designer Nicole Rosenberg of Liberty Interiors.

Serene bedroom


Serene bedroom

This serene Florida teen room from interior designer Maite Granda has cool tones of beige and blue, gauzy floor-to-ceiling curtains that provide privacy without blocking natural light, and a cozy reading corner by the window with a floor lamp and sculptural side table.

Red and Blue


Red and Blue

Contemporary furniture and a crisp palette of white and blue that is warmed up with a smattering of natural accents on the bedside lamp, window shade, and bench, plus a few choice bold red accents for contrast.

Granny Chic


Granny Chic

This teen room from Maestri Studio mixes patterned wallpaper, ironic wall art, and bold color choices to create a quirky space with a retro spirit.

8. Scandi Glam

Scandi Glam Fun room
Scandi Glam

A soft palette of black, white, and gray includes airy patterned bedding, a graphic rug, a pale gray accent wall and upholstered headboard, and touches of glam in gold-toned metallic accents on drawer pulls, and wall decor.

9. Retro Touches Fun Room

Retro Touches Fun Room
Retro Touches Fun Room

This teen room from interior designer Maite Granda has abstract floral wallpaper, a pink-and-gray palette, and a retro-style nightstand and bedside lamp that adds some charming vintage style to the modern space.

10. Prehistoric Bedroom

Prehistoric Bedroom
Prehistoric Bedroom

A mix of patterns, vintage-style lighting and furniture, and a trio of dinosaur figurines makes this teen room from Maestri Studio both sophisticated and fun.

11. Modern Geometry

Modern Geometry Fun Room
Modern Geometry

A natural feather juju hat over the bed, Scandi retro-inspired furnishings, and geometric touches on lighting and decor creates a stylish room that feels modern and effortless.

12. Dressed Up

Dressed Up

This teen room from Judith Balis Interiors is dressed up and full of glam touches like a crystal chandelier, jet black wall paint, a blingy gallery wall, and a dramatic ceiling covered in dreamy dark floral wallpaper in a giant rose pattern.

13. Pink and Green

Pink and Green Fun Room
Pink and Green

This pink and green teen room from London-based Studio Peake has soothing colors, vintage furniture, and a flowy pink wall canopy hung above the twin bed that is dressed to the nines and more than comfortable enough room for a teenager.

14. Laptop Friendly

Laptop Friendly
Laptop Friendly

A twin bed leaves room for a comfy sofa that offers both a place to read and hang out. A laptop table and wall sconce provides the option to turn the couch into an extra comfy homework station.

15. Bold Accents Fun Room

Bold Accents Fun Room
Bold Accents Fun Room

The blue and white wallpaper adds subtle texture to the walls, while patterned bedding and decor accents in primary yellow, red, and blue infuses the space with energy and spirit.

16. Sweet Bedroom

Sweet Bedroom fun Room
Sweet Bedroom

A sweet pink walls, flowery pink and green wallpaper, a fanciful arched canopy bed, a whimsical bubble pendant light, and a spacious window seat for reading and daydreaming.

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