Interior Design With Blush Pink

Blush pink is the perfect color to add softness and elegance to a room. It has a feminine quality that can be used in a variety of ways, from ruffles and lace to contemporary designs. Unlike bubble gum pink or hot pink, blush pink is a subtle and versatile hue that can be used in any style of room. Consider incorporating blush pink in your decor for a soft, pretty touch.

Do’s and Don’ts Blush Pink

When incorporating blush pink into your decore, keep in mind the following:

  • Use blush in rooms that are meant to be relaxing as it has a calming effect.
  • Avoid using blush in high-energy spaces such as mud rooms or kitchens.
  • Use a touch of blush to add elegance to a room through a side chair, pillow or vase of flowers.
  • Don’t limit blush to classic and traditional spaces, it can work well in modern and contemporary rooms.
  • Consider adding blush pink to your holiday decor for a beautiful combination with metallics like gold and silver.
  • Don’t limit blush to just furniture and accessories, consider adding it to light fixtures for a unique touch.
  • Add decorative elements such as pin-tucking, nailhead trim, and button tufting to blush pink upholstery for added interest.
  • Avoid mixing blush with citrus colors like yellow and orange.

Blush Pink Color Combos

Blush pink’s softness allows it to seamlessly blend with a variety of colors.

Mint Green

Blush pink can complement other pastels like mint green when paired with a grounding color such as silver, white or black. This creates a cohesive and balanced look.

Furthermore, if you desire a relaxing ambiance in your home, blush pink can be a great choice as it promotes relaxation, elegance and beauty.


Combining blush pink with various shades of grey can create a masculine aesthetic. The darker the grey, the stronger the masculine effect will be.


Blush pink and white make a great combination as it creates a simple, bright, and fresh look. This is perfect for those who prefer minimal color in their room but still want to avoid plainness. A living room featuring white furniture with blush accents like curtains and patterned pillows, for example, is visually pleasing without being overly feminine.

Indigo Blue

Blush pink and deep indigo can create a dramatic effect in a room. The bold contrast between the two colors adds visual interest, and the blush pink adds a touch of masculinity to the space.


Blush pink and gold create a girly and glamorous look. Combining it with ivory enhances the feminine and luxurious feel of the space.


Blush pink and silver or chrome produce a contemporary aesthetic. To achieve this look, incorporate pieces with simple shapes and sleek lines.

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