The 10 Best Paint Colors for Kids Rooms

Anyone can get excited for selecting a paint color for your bedroom wall whether you’re a kid begging for bright aqua paint or an adult looking to relaxation with a soothing, pale green.

So In this article we are researched and selected 12 Best Paint Colors for your kids rooms, including colors like Vivid Green, Deep Teal, Off-White, berry, light yellow, Sea Blue, Eggshell, Sky Blue, Aqua, Orange, peach, or Bright Pink.

Best Colors For Kid’s Bedrooms

Vivid Green

Vivid Green Paint Color for kids room
Designer Emily C. Butler Says, This striking green plays well with blue, red, gray, black, and even wood tones, making it perfect accent colors for bedroom that grow with its inhabitant.

Deep Teal

Deep Teal Paiint Color for Kids

Designed by Starrett Hoyt Ringbom A fresh coat of deep turquoise livens up this kids’ room. Extra surface or storage space, and a large wall map gives this kids bedroom more character.


Off-White Paint Color for bedroom
True universal backdrop will look good no matter how their style changes over the years. This Off-White Bedroom Designed by Emily Henderson, An off-White with a bit of gray, like the shade in this bedroom can be all you need to let your kid’s room transform as they grow.


Berry Paint Color For Room
Vibrant red-meets-pink color on the walls room designed by Studio Heimat. With this color, you can fill kid’s room with more neutral furnishings that last for years to come.

Light Yellow

Light Yellow Color For Bedrooms
A light yellow can easily help to achieve Atmosphere for your kids room become bright and cheerful, they’ll be more energized to get their homework done.

6. Sea Blue

Sea Blue Paint Color For kids bedrooms
Image/Alec Hemer

Naturally, a sea blue makes an excellent candidate. No underwater-themed bedroom is complete without walls that are reminiscent of the sea.

7. Eggshell

Eggshell Color Bedroom

When you’re still in the neutral family, so you can add contrast with decor and accent pieces. And so warm up the space with an eggshell shade.

8. Sky Blue

Sky Blue Bedroom

A more toned down blue gives the room relaxing vibe.

9. Aqua

Aqua Color for Bedroom
Victoria Pearson

A shade of blue may be the versatile color ever, because it works almost anything from coral.

10. Orange

Orange Paint Color for kids bedroom

A bright orange interior bedroom, inspired by the color palette of a pillow that the child liked. Designer Kelly Finley of Joy Street Design this For a small kid’s room, incorporated a custom bed with built-in storage.

11. Peach Paint Color

Peach Paint Color for Rooms Design

This paint color will offer a lively feel without being too overwhelming. This Girl’s room design by Caitlin Wilson and features grass cloth on the walls, it’s perfect inspiration for a paint choice.

12. Bright Pink

Bright Pnik Paint Color for Bedroom
Luke White

This Room design by Barry Dixon, full of fun treasures little girl’s room. The bright pink wall really make it an exciting space to spend time in.

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