The 12 Best-Selling Amazon Gift Ideas for Christmas

If you are a Christmas gift procrastinator then this video is for you. I am sharing 18 best selling last-minute Amazon gift ideas. You can get all of this stuff in like two days with Prime shipping.

So I am covering everybody on your list today with this Article Men, women, kids, higher price points, lower price points. There’s literally something for everyone. We linked all the item amazon affiliates links where you can purchase.

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1. Sweater Slash

ANRABESS Women's Sweater Slash

The beauty of this sweatshirt, it makes a great gift, really good price point, the quality’s awesome. But the beauty of this sweatshirt is the fact that it’s a sweatshirt and a sweater, so it feels like you’re kind of lounging, but you can totally dress it up.

Here’s me wearing it again with the red. I have kind of faux leather pants. I just threw on a red lip. It’s such a good holiday look. But here it is in the beige color with jeans.

You can make it more casual, you can tuck it in, and still kind of elevate it a little bit. It’s honestly such a nice sweater slash sweatshirt.

2. ChomChom Carpet Roller

ChomChom Carpet Roller

This Carpet Roller works unbelievably well. I have a cat, and so there’s random fur on our carpets, on our couches, on our bed, and this literally just with a few swipes, gets it all up instantly, and then to clean it out you just lift this up.

I mean, it literally, it’s a game changer. So if you know of somebody that does have pets, they will love this thing. If you have pets, consider getting it.

3. Solar Charger

BLAVOR Solar Power Bank

I think this solar charger is a great gift idea for anyone because of everything that it does. So hear me out.

This is actually on sale right now, like a lot on sale. So it’s like under 30 bucks, but it’s actually a solar-powered battery charger, like for your phone. And you can charge it up with an outlet like normal. Like you don’t have to use the sun.

But the beauty of it is if your electricity goes out, maybe you’re camping, maybe you’re somewhere without an outlet, if you just use the sun, it also charges it up and gives you power. It also is a flashlight.

It’s also wireless charging. You can actually just lay your phone on this and use it wirelessly if you forget the cord, but you can obviously use the cord to charger your phone. It is honestly just awesome.

4. Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

This Salt Lamp idea was actually inspired by my mother-in-law. She told me that she got someone a salt lamp. And I thought that was such a good idea because it really works for anyone, and it’s just so beautiful.

Like even if you don’t believe everything that it does, because there are a lot of theories that when Himalayan salt is heated up, it actually emits negative ions into the air, purifying it, cleaning it.

People swear they actually sleep better, so people will put this by their nightstand. A lot of people just have it in their living room, which is like, I bought this one. I did a lot of research, and I feel like this is a really good one.

It’s just over 20 bucks, but I think it’s so pretty, even when it’s not turned on. But then when you do turn it on it emits this really beautiful amber glow, and I just think it’s so pretty.So definitely something to consider for anyone.

5. Ember Mug

Ember Mug

This is the Ember mug and I think it’s great for anybody you really care about that loves coffee, loves tea, loves drinking hot things. But the thing is it keeps your drinks hot a long time, and I’m talkin’ like super hot, okay? It’s fabulous. It’s amazing. It’s expensive, though.

So you can get it in different colors. It’s a ceramic mug and you charge it on this base, and then once it’s fully charged you can put whatever you want in this, carry it around, drink your coffee in the morning, and it stays super hot.

And there’s like a whole range. You can literally specify exactly what temperature you want your coffee or tea or whatever to stay at. It’s like between 120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. And it’s just, it’s great.

6. Key Fob Cover

Moving on to some lower priced items that are great on their own or could be good stocking stuffer ideas. Starting with something I got for myself. No one talks about this key cover. It’s amazing. It’s actually a key fob cover, but it makes your key fob look so much more stylish and chic.

All you do is just search for whatever car or vehicle make and model you have. I mean there’s literally something for everything. And then it comes in so many different colors, different accenting. So my vehicle is actually white so I got white with silver accents, and it’s just beautiful. It just jazzes the whole thing up. So I think girls, women of all ages would love this.

7. Wallet Ninja

This is the Wallet Ninja. It’s like 12 bucks, and I think this would make a great gift for a guy or a stocking stuffer for really anyone. You just slip it into your wallet, but it does 20 different things. It’s just something that comes in handy for tons of different situations.

Let me actually just read to you everything that it does. So it’s a mirror, a nail filer, a bottle opener, can opener box letter opener, nail puller. It has inches, centimeter ruler, cell phone stand, four screwdrivers, like Phillips flathead eyeglass screwdrivers, hex bolts, nuts.

It’s just a crazy, crazy thing that can come in handy And you can actually take it on a plane. It’s like TSA approved, and yeah, 12 bucks.

8. Bread Shaper


We have the beard-shaping tool. And this probably would be a stocking stuffer because this is only like eight bucks, but it comes in handy if you have a man in your life that has a beard, because this is a shaping tool to get it to look really nice.

So I had Josh come into the bathroom. I was like, “Why don’t you just demonstrate this?” And it was fine, but then I realized that Amazon had some other photos that kind of show the angles and how to do it a little bit better, but it really does help shape all of the different lines and angles on the man’s face, to make it look way nicer.

9. Facial Massager

Lisapack Facial Massager

Now, these are also only $8 and would make a great stocking sufferer idea. I do think women would probably like this more because they are facial massaging tools, and they’re super solid, and they work instantly to de-puff your face.

I mean, it works really well. These, just the shape of it, it really gets in there and you go in different directions. It gets the blood moving, the circulation moving. It just de-puffs your face.

And I love actually putting these in the freezer so they’re cold. You can even put serum on your skin first, and it just glides over your skin, it kind of tightens it. We can do it on on the neck as well, and only $8.

10. Luggage Scale

Etekcity  Luggage Scale

This everyone just needs so if you don’t have this, maybe get one for yourself. Also comes in very handy. Also very inexpensive. It’s a luggage scale. So a lot of flights these days, the max you can carry for your check-in luggage is 40 pounds.

Sometimes it’s also 50. Just kinda depends on the airline. And so this allows you to loop through your luggage and then lift it up and easily weigh how much your luggage is. So it’s just come in handy basically every time I travel and would also make a great gift idea.

11. Makeup Bag Set

magefy portable makeup bag

Now speaking of travel or just everyday use this three-piece makeup bag set is a great gift idea because you can keep something for yourself or you could just give it all away, because the total price for all three of these is like $15.

I think some go up to like 17, depending on what color or pattern you get. Obviously I got the marble, but this is so pretty, it’s so buttery, like it is faux leather, but it’s really, really soft. The zippers work great. It’s waterproof. You can use them as makeup bags, travel bags. You could also put these in purses.

12. Sherpa Lined Clothing

They’re basically Sherpa-lined clothing. So I’ve got joggers, I’ve got a zippy, I’ve got hoodies. I have them in multiple colors, but as you can see, they’re completely lined from top to bottom in this super soft Sherpa material.

So they keep you so warm. Sometimes I’ll even wear these underneath my snow pants when I’m sled riding. Sometimes I’ll wear them around the house, just when it’s super chilly. They are just so soft and cozy.

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