The 15 Best Boho Nursery Ideas for your Newborn Little

In this article, We we have share Boho Nursery Themes Ideas you can decorate yourself. And you’re going to learn how to make kids nursery more fun and stylish with these boho nursery themes.

These nursery ideas are come from nursery decoration artist and moms who decorates a stylish and fun boho nursery themes.

Best Boho Nursery Themes

In this Boho nursery you will find Boho Chic, Neutral Boho nursery, Pink Boho Nursery, and crafty boho nursery themes and so on.

Boho Chic Baby Nursery With Vintage Vibes

Boho Chic With Vintage Vibes

Vintage wall hangings, rugs, and mirrors work great in a bohemian styled room.

If you’re a music fan, try using an old guitar as decoration. And if you want a California vibe, use a vintage surfboard.

Remember, an eclectic Boho Chic nursery is all about mixing and matching different vintage items!

Neutral Boho Nursery!

Neutral Boho Nursery!

This decorating scheme opens the door for plants, wood elements, and other natural textures that pop beautifully against a white or neutral wall color.

Prickly & Pink Boho Nursery

Prickly & Pink Boho Nursery Theme

This sweet room proves that you can go pink and nature-y at the same time in a Pink Boho Nursery room for girls.

Boho Nursery Rainbow Wall Decor

Rainbow Wall Decor

Woven rainbows are the epitome of boho-chic, and these Etsy finds are nothing short of perfect.

Rattan Furniture Newborn Nursery theme

Boho Rattan Furniture

It’s very popular on the bohemian decor scene, and rattan furniture can truly transform any space into the Boho Nursery Rattan Furniture room you’re vying for.

Crafty Nursery Shelves Theme photo

Crafty Boho Shelves

Create an eclectic vibe and make Crafty Boho Nursery room feel super cozy and homey with pieces like this ladder-style shelf that serves as a catchall for knick knacks and needs.

Frothy & Delightful Newborn Nursery Theme Photo

Frothy & Delightful

Create an eclectic vibe and make Crafty Boho Nursery room feel super cozy and homey with pieces like this ladder-style shelf that serves as a catchall for knick knacks and needs.

Statement Pieces

Statement Pieces

We’re loving the 1-2 combo created by this faux taxidermy and hanging yarn art above Baby’s crib. What a fun and fresh way to decorate Boho Nursery Statement Pieces.

Eclectic Boho Nursery Theme image

Eclectic Boho Nursery

You can put all your effort into creating a minimalist baby room, or you can throw caution to the wind and let the baby’s room build on itself.

Drapery Boho Nursery

Drapery Boho Nursery

A blend of textiles and plants hanging from the walls is effortlessly boho-chic. For Baby’s room, you’ll want to use faux plants if recreating a sweeping look like this—for both convenience and safety!

Light and Airy Nursery theme image

Light and Airy

You can pull off a boho baby room without any color at all! Case in point, this boho nursery that leans on textures and details in the absence of color.

Art Print Mixing Nursery Image

Art Print Mixing

Mixing some wallpapers on the wall and using printed curtain on the window or a little pots with beautiful flowers makes your little nursery more artistic and minimalist.

Loud Earth Tone Boho Nursery

Loud Earth Tone Boho Nursery

For loud Earth tone use a small rocks printed wallpaper on use wooden things like table of post, wooden toy storage basket and a wooden cribs.

Tapestry Boho Nursery

 Tapestry Nursery theme for Babies

Multi-Textured Nursery theme

Multi-Textured Nursery Image

We hope you get the idea and inspiration to how to decorate boho nursery theme for your newborn baby.

If you have any issue in decorating one of these boho nursery ideas so drop a comment we will reply with solutions.

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