3 Ways To Reuse Eye Shadow For Nail Designs

Eye shadow can be reused to create nail designs. It’s also a creative way to use expired makeup and reduce beauty waste. Here are three ways to reuse eye shadow for nail designs.

The eye shadow is applied on top of a tacky layer of top or base coat. Another layer of topcoat is used on top of the eye shadow to seal it in place. These techniques work on natural, acrylic, and press-on nails.

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If you use expired eye shadow, it’s also a creative way to reduce beauty waste. This tutorial is made by Instagram makeup artist borablueprint, concon_wi, and nocera.

Method 1. Gradient Nails

Gradient Nails

First, apply a layer of top or base coat to the nail. This layer is tacky, so it gives the eye shadow something to stick to. For an airbrushed loo k, use a fluffy brush to apply the eye shadow. Use Light Dabbing motion to achieve a seamless blend. seal the eye shadow with a final layer of topcoat.

Method 2. Tape Stencils

Tape Stencils

Tape can also be used as stencil when applying eye shadow to the nail. First draw the design on the tape and cut it out. Then place the tape in the desired spot and apply a layer of topcoat around it. Once the topcoat is tacky, stamp the eye shadow on. Pel the tape the off to reveal the design. Apply a final layer of topcoat, and cure to lock everything in place.

Method 3. Hand-drawn Nail Art

Hand-drawn Nail Art

Eye shadow can also be used to create hand-drawn nail designs. For this technique, mix the eye shadow with gel topcoat. Then use a thin brush to draw designs on the nails. To seal everything, cure the nail and apply a final topcoat.

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