10 Beachy-Keen Ocean Nursery Ideas

Abrar Khan

Creative Ocean-Themed Whale Nursery Storage


You’ve got to store the essentials somewhere…why not in a “whaley” cute wicker basket that drives home your ocean nursery theme with a modern-bohemian feel?

Ocean Baby Nursery Decals


Not ready to go full-on ocean wallpaper? Try a few water-dwelling decals instead!

Turtle-rific Ocean Baby Nursery Details


Soft Blue Ocean Baby Nursery


Cool, cozy blues and a blend of creamy and stark whites create a gorgeous color scheme for an ocean-themed nursery.

Whale-y Cute Ocean Baby Room Mobile


Felted wool balls and whales are pleasing to an infant’s eye—and their parents’. We love this ocean themed above-the-crib mobile for a little boy or girl’s sea themed room.

Ocean Nursery Animal Wall Art


Ocean Baby Nursery Decals


You have to look closely to notice the subtle sea details in this sweet ocean nursery (the bronze octopus

Mermaid Mobile for an Ocean Nursery


Anything goes in your baby’s room, and that includes some fantasy among the factual

Black-and-White Ocean Nursery


Sweet Sea Life Ocean Baby Nursery


Darling sea creatures dance across the shelving in a precious piece of this ocean-themed baby room to delight Baby.