6 Mural Nursery Ideas

Abrar Khan

Minimalist Landscape Nursery Mural Idea


Keep it simple with a Scandinavian-inspired nursery wall mural that creates a soothing scene in the nursery and feels warm, comforting, and sublime.

Stunning Floral Wall Mural for the Nursery


Whoever said that florals had to be delicate and feminine? These gorgeous wall blooms beautifully blend the bold and delicate.

Rainbow Decal Nursery Room Mural


Epically Hand Painted Nursery Mural Ideas


If you’re handy with a paintbrush, or are considering hiring a professional artist to bring your mural dreams to life, check out this stunning inspiration for Baby’s over-the-top room.

Modern Masterpiece Nursery Murals


Whether you’re shopping pre-made nursery murals or breaking out the paint cans yourself, an abstract look is a fresh way to decorate!

Ocean Waves Nursery Room Mural