7 TV Show to watch in Ramadan

By: Abrar Khan

Since some TV series are specifically released with this tradition in mind, that can mean catching a new episode every day. But you can also binge-watch an old favorite that captures the essence of Ramadan. 

Also streaming on Netflix, “Finding Ola” is a sequel to the 2010 Ramadan series “Ayza Atgawez” (I Want to Get Married). 

7. ‘Finding Ola’ 

This Arab anthology series available on Netflix follows characters played by Rita Hayek, Ahmed Ezz, Asser Yassin, Pasant Shawky, Salah Abdallah and many more as they navigate Valentine’s Day. 

6. ‘Love, Life & Everything in Between’

This Emmy-nominated Hulu series, starring series co-creator Ramy Youssef, follows its millennial protagonist as he navigates life as a first-generation American Muslim torn between the traditions of his Egyptian heritage and the American pop culture of his childhood. 

5. “Ramy”’

“Al-Kabeer Awy” (The Grand Mayor) returns this Ramadan for its sixth season. 

4. ‘Al-Kabeer Awy 6’ (The Grand Mayor)

“Ahlam Saeeda” follows a high-society, middle-aged woman who suffers from insomnia and repeated nightmares that drive her to the edge of paranoia. 

3. ‘Ahlam Saeeda’ (Sweet Dreams)

In this series, Egyptian actor Nelly Karim — a name synonymous with Ramadan melodrama — portrays a public sector worker named Faten Amal Harby, who faces societal pressure and oppression as a divorced woman in Egypt. 

2. ‘Faten Amal Harby’

The series follows an Egyptian immigrant in Europe who accumulates debt and decides to return to his country to claim an inheritance. 

1. ‘Rageen Ya Hawa’