8 Boho Nursery Ideas

Abrar Khan

Eclectic Boho Baby Nursery


You can put all your effort into creating a minimalist baby room, or you can throw caution to the wind and let the baby’s room build on itself

Loud Earth Tone Boho Nursery


This bohemian baby girl nursery brings all the best elemental colors together in a dance of patterns and shapes

Boho Nursery Art Print Mixing


Prickly & Pink Boho Nursery


Joyful cactus wallpaper with little pops of pink ties in the pink armchair and curtains, while the rest of the space is kept neutral and more traditionally boho in style.

Crafty Boho Nursery Shelves


make Crafty Boho Nursery room feel super cozy and homey with pieces like this ladder-style shelf that serves as a catchall for knick knacks and needs.

Boho Nursery Art Print Mixing


Boho Nursery Tapestry


putting together a room that’s bohemian in feeling, a tapestry is a great place to start.

Boho Nursery Statement Pieces


We’re loving the 1-2 combo created by this faux taxidermy and hanging yarn art above Baby’s crib. What a fun and fresh way to decorate Boho Nursery Statement Pieces.