8 Timeless Nursery Art Ideas

Abrar Khan

Needlepoint Nursery Art


You take up the art yourself or buy a premade design, needlepoint is an old-school decor form that’s having a major comeback

funky Nursery Art Ideas


They’re a great way to kickstart creativity as Baby continues to grow.

Hyper Minimalist Baby Nursery Art


Alphabet Nursery Art Ideas


Bring a classic schoolhouse vibe into the nursery with a vintage-look alphabet poster or something similar that makes this part of the house feel like a precious little childhood capsule.

Birth Poster Nursery Art


The Birth Poster to shop these stunning customized posters perfect for hanging in Baby’s room.

Soft, Whimsical Nursery Art


Glowy Zodiac Nursery Art Ideas


This glow-in-the-dark zodiac acrylic-on-paper nursery artwork is truly one-of-a-kind.

Childhood Scenes Nursery Artwork


Classic, ethereal, and absolutely gorgeous. An oil paint or watercolor portrait of a child would look so lovely above the crib or anywhere in your baby’s little corner of the world.

Line Drawings Baby Nursery Art


This style has a definite ‘70s vibe going and we’re here for it! Whether you opt for mother and child or another classic shape—flowers, animals, etc.—a piece like this is the perfect addition to