8 Gender Neutral Nursery Themes

By: Abrar Khan

Soft Hues


This traditionally "male" color can work for any gender when paired with similarly pastel hues like gray and cream

Arctic Adventure


Not only is it great for decorating, but it can turn into an art or learning station for your child. Your little one can learn to write their ABCs or draw spaceships and aliens! The possibilities are endless.

Letter Love


Up, Up, and Away


Balloon-themed nurseries are really taking off, and hot-air balloon motifs are popping up on everything from wallpaper to bedding.

Woodland Wonder


Recreate a cozy cabin in the woods, or set up a fun camping scene featuring all your favorite forest friends.

Big Sky


Little traveler


Think maps, modes of transportation and fun details like tickets and steamer trunks. You can even throw in a trinket or two from your own international adventures!

Geo-Centric Nursery


Prefer a modern nursery? Give your design some shape! Try a triangle motif, or a bold, geometric accent wall, or make a statement with a modern, geometric light fixture.