By: Abrar Khan

A number of Verizon users have reported that they have been getting spam text messages from their own numbers. So, what’s going on?

The issue has been reported by many people who have taken to Twitter to address the messages and tagged the support team of the carrier.

As we look into the current issue, here’s how you can stop spam text messages. 


One of the best ways to stop spam text messages is to check a call- or text-blocking service with your individual carrier or a third-party application. Some third-party apps include Truecaller, Hiya and TrapCall. 

If you suspect a spam text, another good thing to do is to click on the number and select ‘Block number’ and delete the message. 

In a Twitter post, Verizon said that customers can stop spam calls by choosing its free Call Filter option which allows you to block any spam calls. 

The company tweeted to one user:  “We know how annoying spam calls are. We always aim to keep your information safe. We do have a free Call Filter option that will allow you to block any spam calls. The one is $2.99. Give the free one a try.” 

After numerous posts from customers, Verizon addressed the issue and said that this type of spam messaging is called spoofing. 

Responding from its Twitter account Verizon Support, the company recommends forwarding those spam texts to SPAM (7726). 

“We are sorry to hear about this and want it resolved ASAP. To start, we recommend forwarding the text to SPAM (7726) and with ‘spoofed number’ so our security team can get this resolved,” Verizon responded to one user on Twitter. 

One customer was concerned that forwarding the message may flag their number as spam.