The 10 Best Halsey Songs

By: Abrar khan

Chris Rock

List of Halsey The 10 top Best Halsey Songs Including Ghost to Nightmare Songs.

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#10. “Ghost”

The one that started it all, “Ghost” was initially recorded as a fun test session song with friends in Brooklyn. 

#9. “929” halsey song

Alluding to her September birthday, “929” is the closing song on Halsey’s latest studio album, Manic. Lyrically, 

#8. “SUGA’s Interlude”

Halsey’s second collaboration with K-Pop supergroup BTS (following “Boy With Luv”) was on Manic.

#7. “Is There Somewhere”

“Is There Somewhere” earns a spot on this list due to its production. Rumored to be about a love affair with a certain musician

#6. “100 Letters”

The only entry from 2017’s hopeless fountain kingdom on this list, “100 Letters” opens the record after its initial Romeo and Juliet-themed prologue.

#5. Experiment On Me

Featured on the Birds of Prey soundtrack earlier this year, “Experiment On Me” is one of Halsey’s loudest, most aggressive songs.

#4. Tokyo Narita – Freestyle

“Tokyo Narita” was one of many collaborative releases Halsey made with her ex-boyfriend and producer Lido, but this one especially remains a favorite among fans to this day.

#3. Coming Down

This song opens up with the sound of a storm, symbolizing both the impending doom and sadness tied to it.

#2. You should be sad

Channeling the likes of Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood, Halsey’s “You should be sad” was her foray into country music on Manic earlier this year.

#1. Nightmare

“Nightmare” hit the airwaves as Halsey’s most intense song (prior to “Experiment On Me”) when she released it as a single in May of 2019.