Top 10  Dua Lipa Songs

By: Abrar khan

Dua Lipa

"Physical" and "Don't Start Now" are already dance-floor classics, destined for club rotation for the next 10 years. Save for a few notes, the album is just flawless. Here is top 10 songs

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10. “Hallucinate” 

"Hallucinate" is pure adrenaline from start to finish, with a chorus that explodes like a cannonball. 

9. “Hotter Than Hell” 

"Hotter Than Hell" stands out. Sensual and steamy with a beat drop you feel in your bones, it was our first glimpse at the dancing queen she'd become. 

8. “One Kiss” with Calvin Harris 

This song was everywhere in summer 2018, and for good reason. This shimmery ode to ’90s house is why people install outdoor speakers in their homes. It's the perfect pool day in music form. 

7. “Last Dance” 

There's something almost poetic about "Last Dance" being the final track off her first record. 

6. “Love Again” 

Arguably the most overtly disco song on Future Nostalgia, "Love Again" is a grandiose ode to falling in love against your better wishes. 

5. “Pretty Please” 

"Pretty Please" is where you can most clearly see on Future Nostalgia that Lipa did her dance-floor homework, particularly around the 2:10 mark. 

4. “Don’t Start Now” 

This is Lipa's highest-charting song in the U.S. for a reason: It's pure, funky, fun, with sticky verses and an even stickier chorus. 

3. “Be the One” 

It almost sounds Florence and the Machine–inspired: airy and bright, with a chorus that still slaps. 

2. “Physical” 

This isn't a cover of the Olivia Newton-John song, but the inspiration is absolutely there.  

1. “New Rules” 

There's only one song that could top this list. "New Rules" is excellent on a sonic level: tropical-pop-infused with a dance break that makes your entire body move. But beyond that, "New Rules" became a cultural phenomenon.