Who is Hugh Jackman?

Hugh Michael Jackman AC is an Australian actor.

By Abrar Khan

Known As

Beginning in theatre and television, he landed his breakthrough role as James "Logan" Howlett / Wolverine in the 20th Century Fox X-Men film series.

Hugh Jackman Age?

Born: October 12, 1968 . Age: 53 years . Nationality: Sydney Australia.

Hugh Jackman Siblings

Children: Oscar Maximilian Jackman, Ava Eliot Jackman. Siblings: Ralph Jackman, Sonya Jackman, Zoe Jackman, Ian Jackman.

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Yes. Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine once again in Deadpool 3

Is Hugh Jackman return in the Deadpool 3?

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Hugh Jackman Wife?

He is married to Australian actress and producer Deborra-Lee Furness AO.

Hugh Jackman Movies

1. Logan (2017) 2.  X-Men (2000) 3. Prisoners (2013) 4. The Wolverine (2013) 5. The Prestige (2006) +45 More.

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Hugh has a net worth of $180 million dollars. 

Hugh Jackman Net Worth?

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