Who is Traci Braxton?

By: Abrar Khan

What type of cancer did Traci Braxton die of?

The sister of singer Toni Braxton and star of the hit family reality TV show "Braxton Family Values” passed away after battling cancer in the esophagus, according to her family.

What does Traci Braxton do for a living?

                         Singer                         TV Personality                         Radio personality

Is Traci Braxton married?

Traci Braxton husband is Kevin Surrat's

Which Braxton sister is the richest?

Toni Braxton With a string of No. 1 R&B hits — including “Unbreak My Heart,” “Another Sad Love Song,” and “Breathe Again” — Toni Braxton has sold more than 67 million records (of which more than 40 million of them are album sales) worldwide. She is also the Braxton sister with the highest net worth.

Who is Traci Braxton?

Traci Renee Braxton, was an American singer, reality television personality and radio personality.

Braxton's solo debut album, Crash & Burn, was released in October 2014, preceded by the single "Last Call". "Last Call" peaked at number 16 on the US R&B

Born: 2 April 1971, Severn, Maryland, United States Died: 12 March 2022 Spouse: Kevin Surrat (m. ?–2022) Siblings: Trina Braxton, Tamar Braxton, Toni Braxton, Towanda Braxton, Michael Conrad Braxton Jr. Children: Kevin Surratt Jr. Parents: Evelyn Braxton, Michael Conrad Braxton


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